Easy Clutch Purse Elegant Women Handbag

I know making a clutch handbag is not something I usually do, but I want to give Mom a present. This purse is very easy to make as it uses basic knitting techniques (knit & purl). I actually find I spent most of my time sewing the parts together at the end. It’s quite a long process when making up, I didn’t expect it to be honest, but I am so happy that it’s all done!

I love knitting with Cleckheaton Perfect Day 8 ply, must admit I just fell in love with the yarns when I first set my eyes on them. The texture feels really nice to the touch and the colours are just fabulous! I used two different needles size as I don’t have Double Pointed Needles at 4mm size (well, just have to make do with what we have the best we can! ;))

Free Clutch Purse Handbag Knitting Patterns:

Difficulty Level:
Very Easy Difficulty

Skills Required:Easy Elegant Women handbag free knitting patterns
CO: Cast On
K: Knit
P: Purl
Knit i-Cord
BO: Bind Off
Finished Size:
approx. 16.5cm width x 10cm tall (11cm wrist strap)
(Please note that this size is made with the needles & yarn specified below, different yarns and needles size will produce different results)
Needles: a pair of DPN US 3 – 3.25 mm (i-Cord) & a pair of Straight Needles US 6 – 4 mm (everything else)
Gauge: 26 sts + 32 rows = 4″ (10cm) in Stockinette stitch. (gauge isn’t that important in this case as the bag doesn’t need to fit)

Main Body — Cleckheaton Perfect Day 8 ply in 1005 Dark Brown (dye lot #775947)Easy Clutch Purse Elegant Women Handbag free knitting patterns
Top Decoration — Cleckheaton Perfect Day 8 ply in 1002 Light Brown (dye lot #774302)

Other Materials:
Regular thread of your colour choice
Scanfil Metallic in 1861 Gold Embroidery Thread
Plastic pin heads to secure the fabrics together
Tapestry needle
Sewing needle
A decorative button of your choice
15cm (6″) Sullivans gold metallic teeth zipper
16.5cm x 22cm Silk fabric linings of your choice

Knitting Pattern begins here:

Main Body:

Knitted handbag progress at row 15

Knitted handbag progress at row 15

With straight needles and Dark Brown, CO 42 sts. Leave a very long tail for knitting i-Cord at the end approx 1 meter length(you might want to roll this up and secure this with a temporary pin so it doesn’t get in your way)
Row 1: K
Row 2: P (slip the 1st stitch purl wise so the edges are nice and even)
Row 3: K (slip the 1st stitch knit wise so the edges are nice and even)
Row 4: P (slip the 1st stitch purl wise so the edges are nice and even)

Keep going with Knitting on odd rows and Purling in even rows in similar fashion until Row 32.

Row 33-34: P (you have reached halfway, this is where the bag will fold)

Row 35: K (slip the 1st stitch knit wise so the edges are nice and even)
Row 36: P (slip the 1st stitch purl wise so the edges are nice and even)

Women Handbag Knitting progression row 43

Knitting progression at Row 43, this is the right side. You can see before blocking, the materials curls up.

Once again, keep going with Knitting on odd rows and Purling in even rows in similar fashion until the length of the bag is equal when folded. Ends with a Purling row (I end at Row 64)

Last Row: BO

Cut yarn, leave approx 1 meter tail for knitting i-Cord later on.

Top Decoration:
With straight needles and Light Brown, CO 42 sts.
Row 1: K
Row 2: P24, *K2, P2* x 4 times, K2
Row 3: P2, *K2, P2* x 4 times, K24
Row 4: P24, *K2, P2* x 4 times, K2
Row 5: P2, *K2, P2* x 4 times, K24
Row 6: P26, *K2, P2* x 4 times
Row 7: *K2, P2* x 4 times, K26
Row 8: P26, *K2, P2* x 4 times
Row 9: *K2, P2* x 4 times, K26
Row 10: BO

Cut yarn.

Making up Step-by-Step: (*Important* Before you join the pieces together, block all knitted materials. To block, simply spray lightly with cold water and block materials into shape and pin them to a towel and leave them to dry.)

Knitted purse after blocking

After blocking, the materials will lay straight making it much easier to seam

  1. Once dry, weave the top decoration leftover yarn.
  2. Sew button to the top decoration (use regular colour thread)
  3. Stitch the top decoration to the main body. Use running back stitch. (use metallic gold thread)
  4. Cut lining fabric, match the width to the main body, but add 1.2cm to the length to allow for the zipper.
  5. Cut fabric lining

    Cut fabric lining, increase the length slightly to allow for zipper.

  6. Overlock the edges of the fabric lining so the materials doesn’t fray. (Use sewing machine if you know how to) (use regular colour thread)
  7. Sew the zipper to the fabric lining. Use running back stitch. (Use sewing machine if you know how to) (use regular colour thread)
  8. Sew the fabric lining to main body. Use running back stitch. Being careful when stitching so the threads doesn’t show in the inside lining as you want your stitches to be invisible. (use metallic gold thread)
  9. Clutch Handbag, join the fabric lining to the main body

  10. Sew the sides of fabric lining shut. Use running back stitch. (use regular colour thread)
  11. Sew the fabric lining shut using running back stitch

  12. Sew the sides of main body shut, careful not to sew the lining together. Use running back stitch. (use metallic gold thread)
  13. Sew main body shut, care not to sew the fabric lining

  14. Knit i-Cord, then make a loop to the side of the bag, secure.

Note: For all regular thread, I use 2 strands. For all metallic thread I use 4 strands.

Clutch Handbag backside showing open inside

I realised the making up process might be a little scary to read. So I will make a video and post it once it’s done so you can see exactly what’s going on 🙂

Making up Video Tutorials ***Updates***

16/11/12: how to weave leftover yarn video uploaded
18/11/12: how to sew a shank button uploaded
20/11/12: how to sew the top decoration to the main body video uploaded

25/11/12: how to overlock stitch by hand
27/11/12: how to install zipper by hand
3/12/12: how to knit iCord for the wrist strap

Feel free to link to this pattern by linking directly to this page. Pattern is not to be copied or reproduced without permission from the author. Items made from my pattern may be sold (as long as you credit me as the designer and always link it back to this blog “FreeCuteKnit.com:) ), however this does not apply to business or corporation. Please contact me prior selling them at large scale. © Dina Wirawan

Remember, if you do make the clutch handbag, I would love it if you can share them with me by either sending me the photos via email for a chance to be published on the blog / tag me on Facebook / upload them in my Ravelry

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  5. Wonderful details in your pattern writing. These will also be great for putting inside a larger bag. Should you just need a few things you can have a handy way to grab and go.

  6. Thank you so much for these detailed instructions, i have just the colours i want to make one in..

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