Candy Corn

Difficulty Level:
Easy Difficulty
Knitting patterns are available in both Easy & Intermediate version.

Sweet Candy Corn knitted toySkills Required:
CO: Cast On
K: Knit
P: Purl
M1: Make 1 stitch
SSK: Slip slip knit 2 stitches together as 1
K2tog: Knit 2 stitches as 1 together
BO: Bind Off
DPN: Double Pointed Needles (the ability to knit in the round for intermediate version only)

Finished Size: approx 5cm wide x 8cm tall x 3cm depth (Please note that this size is made with the needles & yarn specified below, different yarns and needles size will produce different results)

Needles: US 3 – 3.25 mm

Body Yellow — Panda Cotton Blend 8ply in 6 Yellow (dye lot #120501)
Body Orange — Lincraft Double Knitting Yarn (dye lot #1189)
Body White — Panda Cotton Blend 8ply in 1 White (dye lot #12001 )

Facial Features:
6mm black safety eyes, little scrap of black yarn for eyebrows / mouth (use thinner yarn for mouth), little scrap of pink yarn for cheek

Halloween is a month away, and there is no better time to start preparing some handmade zero calories candy treats! If you come to this page from the home banner, you will notice that these candy corns have no wings attached. Yes, unfortunately no wings this time… my original wings knitting pattern is coming in the next post. Once they are ready I will share them with you 🙂 In the meantime, please enjoy the free candy corn pattern to get you started!

The easy candy corn knitting pattern is designed by Crafty Alien and you can find it HERE. Crafty Alien has kindly converted their crochet pattern into knitting patterns and you can easily knit these candy corn with straight knitting needles.

Two most hardest skills in the pattern are M1 and SSK. I have previously attached both video tutorials on M1 and SSK in my free pig pattern post. On the other hand, if you are looking for more challenge and wish to knit in the round, I have provided the pattern conversion below.

Pattern Modification:

Body of Candy Corn:
with a set of 4 DPN needles and Yellow Yarn, CO 18 sts. Place 6 sts on each 3 DPN. Being careful not to twist.
Row 1:
Row 2: K4, M1, K1, M1, K8, M1, K1, M1, K4. (22 sts total)
Row 3: Knit.
Row 4: K4, (M1, K1) 3 times, K8, (M1, K1) 3 times, K4. (28 sts total)
Row 5: Knit.
Row 6: K4, (M1, K2) 3 times, K8, (M1, K2) 3 times, K4. (34 sts total)
Row 7: Knit.
Row 8: Knit.
Row 9: Knit.
Row 10: Knit.
Row 11: K5, K2TOG, K3, SSK, K10, K2TOG, K3, SSK, K5. (30 sts total)

Switch to Orange Yarn:
Row 12: Knit.
Row 13: Knit.
Row 14: Knit.
Row 15: K4, K2TOG, K3, SSK, K8, K2TOG, K3, SSK, K4. (26 sts total)
Row 16: Knit.
Row 17: Knit.
Row 18: Knit.
Row 19: K3, K2TOG, K3, SSK, K6, K2TOG, K3, SSK, K3. (22 sts total)  (rearrange sts if necessary)
Row 20: Knit.
Row 21: Knit.
Row 22: Knit.

Switch to White Yarn:
Row 23: K2, K2TOG, K3, SSK, K4, K2TOG, K3, SSK, K2. (18 sts total) (rearrange sts if necessary)
Row 24: Knit.
Row 25: Knit.
Row 26: Knit.
Row 27: K1, K2TOG, K3, SSK, K2, K2TOG, K3, SSK, K1. (14 sts total) (rearrange sts if necessary)
Row 28: Knit.
Row 29: Knit.
Row 30: Knit.
Row 31: K2TOG, K3, SSK, K2TOG, K3, SSK. (10 sts total) (rearrange sts if necessary)

Naughty Candy Corn knitted toyCut yarn, leaving approx. 10cm tail, thread through the loop and pull tight to close the hole. Seam the yarn inside to secure. By this stage, I seamed all the other cast on & end tails to tidy up, and leaving the last Yellow cast on thread for closing up later on. Now, comes the face embroidery time! I personally use 6mm black safety eyes, but if you are making this for a baby, please embroidery the eyes instead.

Thanks for reading and happy knitting! ♥


  1. This is so adorable! Love the work! Thanks for sharing!

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