Video Tutorials: How to Knit a Panda Hat (Part 1: The Hat)

Hi Everyone, this is the promised Panda Hat video tutorials!

How to Knit a Panda Hat (Part 1: The Hat)

Remember, if you do make the panda hat, I would love it if you can share them with me by either sending me the photos via email for a chance to be published in the blog / tag me on Facebook / upload them in my Ravelry

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  1. can you please tell me how you divided the yarn into 3 parts in the beginning ,when you first was trying to knit, it is on 2:40 .thanks

    • Hi Sam, 🙂

      If you use circular needle, (the needle I use in the video) the number of stitches doesn’t really matter, the goal is to divide it so it’s comfortable for you when you knit (we just want to spread the stitches out in 3 parts, so have some on the left needle, some in the middle, and some on the right needle) As you knit, you will be sliding the stitches clockwise. Very important though, that all the stitches are not twisted before you join, so turn them facing the same direction inwards. Hope this helps, don’t hesitate to ask if you have anymore questions!


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