Cool Carrot

Difficulty Level:
Easy Difficulty free cool carrot knitting pattern
Skills Required:
CO: Cast On
DPN: Double Pointed Needles
K: Knit
P: Purl
M1: Make 1 stitch to increase
K2tog: Knit 2 stitches as 1 together

Finished Size: approx 16cm tall (10cm without the carrot green) x 3.5cm diameter at largest area (Please note that this size is made with the needles & yarn specified below, different yarns and needles size will produce different results)

Needles: US 0 – 2.0 mm
Cool Carrot with Sweet Carrot, cute knitting patterns
Body — Creative Basics Hobby Knit Yarn (dye lot #2060)
Carrot Green — Lincraft Superwash 8ply in 3005 (dye lot #774749) & Lincraft Superwash 8ply in 3006 (dye lot #774750)

Facial Features:
Scraps of dark brown thread for eyes and mouth, scraps of light blue thread for eye glints & scarps of yellow yarn for cheek

So, I did say I will create a friend for my Sweet Carrot and here he is! Ok, so what’s the difference?

Main differences between Cool Carrot & Sweet Carrot knitting patterns:

  1. For the increase, Cool Carrot is knitted with M1 instead of Kfb. Since using slightly smaller needles for the yarn recommendation, I didn’t encounter problem with Kfb creating small holes. But with M1, you still get that slight indented surface and the same effect of carrot lines, but the surface is more smooth overall as Kfb stitches create bumps on the fabric. The patterns are interchangeable so you can pick which ones you like for making the carrot!
  2. What else? Well, Cool Carrot is slightly taller than Sweet Carrot! The increase in height is notable in Round 41 to Round 48. So if you don’t like him tall, simply skip those rounds. Alternatively, you can repeat the increases to make him even taller. 😉 (Please refer below for instructions on how to increase the carrot in more details)
  3. And of course, you can’t miss that hair! Cool Carrot has different tops and he gets foil highlight to make him looks trendy!

Free Cool Carrot Knitting Patterns:

Body:Vegetable, food cute free knitting pattern - Cool Carrot
Begin from the bottom of the body, CO 6 sts. Divide evenly to 3 DPN (2 sts each).
Round 1: Join, K. Place a stitch marker after the first knit stitch.
Round 2: *K1, M1* repeat until end of round (12 sts total)
Round 3: K
Round 4: *K2, M1* repeat until end of round (18 sts total)
Round 5-7: K
Round 8: P9, K9
Round 9: K
Round 10: *K3, M1* repeat until end of round (24 sts total)
Round 11-15: K
Round 16: K12, P12
Round 17: K
Round 18: *K4, M1* repeat until end of round (30 sts total)
Round 19-23: K
Round 24: P15, K15
Round 25: K
Round 26: *K5, M1* repeat until end of round (36 sts total)
Round 27-31:K
Round 32: K18, P18
Round 33-39: K
Round 40: P18, K18

Round 41-47: K
Round 48: K18, P18
(Please note that if you want to remove the height, skip round 41 to 48 and go straight to decrease. If you want to increase the carrot height even more, you can repeat round 33 to 40 or 33 to 48)

Begin decrease:
Round 49: K
Round 50: *K4, K2tog* repeat until end of round (30 sts total)
Round 51: K
Round 52: *K3, K2tog* repeat until end of round (24 sts total)
Round 53: K
Round 54: *K2, K2tog* repeat until end of round (18 sts total)
Round 55: K
Round 56:*K1, K2tog* repeat until end of round (12 sts total)

Cool Carrot doing his hair

You want to tie a slip knot, having both ends on one side and inserting them inside the loop

Cut yarn and leave approx 20cm tail. Now, I prefer to do the face embroidery before I close up the hole. If you don’t like having DPN needles as you are embroidering the face, you can transfer your stitches to stitch holders. I use dark brown thread to match the colour of my Sweet Carrot. When you are done, stuffed the body with fillings of your choice. Do not close the hole yet. Now we will make the carrot greens.

Carrot Greens:
You should have 12 live stitches remaining in your DPN / stitch holders.

    1. Cut 6 light green yarns and 6 dark green yarns at approx 16cm length each. (What we want to do is to insert these green yarns inside the live stitches and secure it by tying a slip knot)
    2. Use tapestry needle and thread a light green yarn into the first loop of your live stitch.
    3. Release the needle from the yarn.
Cool Carrot showing green tops before closing

This is what the head looks like with 2 DPN remaining

  1. Then insert the needle back to the light green yarn that’s already inside the loop and thread it back out the same hole, without taking the the yarn you previously inserted off the loop
  2. Release the needle from the yarn once more, then tie a slip knot to secure the yarn. (Do not remove your live stitch from the needles / stitch holders yet)

Grab the dark green yarn next and repeat the above 5 steps. Repeat this process while alternating between the light green and dark green yarn.
When you have finished adding the green yarn to the 12 live stitches, use a tapestry needle and thread the orange yarn through all the loop (now you can remove the stitch from the needles / stitch holders), pull the yarn tight and secure. You can also trim the hair to even things up at the end.

I have also included a video below to help you, hopefully it all make sense!

Tutorials: How to Tie Slip Knot for Cool Carrot head

I am making some toy accessories for the carrots now. Can you guess what it will be? Leave your comments below or just say Hi 🙂

Feel free to link to this pattern by linking directly to this page. Pattern is not to be copied or reproduced without permission from the author. Items made from my pattern may be sold (as long as you credit me as the designer and always link it back to this blog “FREE Cute” :) ), however this does not apply to business or corporation. Please contact me prior selling them at large scale. © Dina Wirawan

Remember, if you do make the carrot, I would love it if you can share them with me by either sending me the photos via email / tag me on Facebook / upload them in my Ravelry

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