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This page contains all my old entries that isn’t documented anywhere else. Well, this page is basically a collection of the previous blurb in the home page that has been archived. I left it here mainly for memories (and who knows if anyone is bored enough to read them *lol* and maybe find it useful)

13 September 2012

So, since the end of August 2012 I started knitting, by September I was soo hooked that I had to join Ravelry and made my own blog. (Addicted much? :O)

Honestly, I started learning about knitting from YouTube last month. I tried learning from books but just couldn’t understand it (those diagrams doesn’t help!). If you are a beginner at knitting like me, please don’t give up! Try YouTube if you haven’t, I hope that will help you along too. In all the projects I post, I will also try to include as much information possible to help and guide you through. And if I make a mistake, please do let me know (post a comment) or just leave me a comment anyway to say hi!

With all the free knitting patterns in this blog, I will try to include steps and video on some of the tricky knitting terms. For the basic knitting terms, I am starting to include basic knitting video tutorials. It takes a while to make a video so please be patient I will try to do as much as I can 🙂 (Alternatively, you can go to YouTube and input in the search bar and you will find them easily enough (e.g. simply type in “How to knit” etc)

I’ve loved arts & crafts and design since forever, though this will be my first time ever making a blog! Without further ado, let’s get started 😉

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