User Submitted Gallery (7/2/13)

To my delight, I’ve stumbled across some finished projects from my original knitting patterns lately. I just want to share this gallery with you as every single one of them makes my day.

Secret Santa Carrot by kidonamountain
Secret Santa Carrot

Sweet Strawberry by ZiaPerAmore
Sweet StrawberrySweet Strawberry by Zia top view

Sir Carrotalot by cookknitwine
Sir CarrotalotSir Carrotalot hair downSir Carrotalot hair up

The Future’s So Bright! by banklady6
The future's so bright

If you have any Free Cute Knit finished projects you also wants to add, please send me an email with up to 3 best photos as well as details below:

  • Project Name:
  • Knitted By: (your nickname / name)
  • Date Finished:
  • Your Website: (if you have one)

I will feature your projects in the blog, think of it like having a hall of fame for your artworks which will be displayed permanently in the Gallery. Does that sounds exciting? Well I sure hope so 😉


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