How to Tie a Slip Knot in Knitting


This is a really exciting time for me as I have just learned how to make my own video! I would like to cover simple knitting tutorials for anyone who wants to start learning how to knit. Today’s video is learning how to tie a slip knot. This is the first step for everyone when starting any knitting projects.

When starting to learn knitting, I highly recommend a thicker yarn so you can see your stitches easier. A lot of people get confused with the term CO (Cast On), whether to count or not to count the first slip knot stitch as part of your cast on. The answer is yes, your first slip knot is counted as your first cast on stitch in the needle.

Tutorials: How to Tie a Slip Knot in Knitting

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Thank you for watching & I hope you enjoyed the video.. ♥

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